I’ve been writing Flutter apps since 2019. And in the beginning I was very optimistic about it. Just imagine — I didn’t need to write two apps in two different languages to make one product! I tried React Native and Xamarin earlier, but they didn’t cover my needs. Flutter did.

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Back in 1936 the computer scientist Alan Turing invented a model of a computational device later known as The Turing Machine. This machine did simple operations and had a state. This state was actually a piece of data, and the machine was “running” algorithms to perform operations over that data.

Syntactic sugar to make alerts, text fields, and more easier to work with

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Showing even simple pop-up dialogs requires several lines of code in Swift. When you have data validation or proper error handling, you have tens or even hundreds of places where you can show a pop-up. Let’s write several UIViewController extensions that’ll do the work for us.

self.show(message: "Let's start!")

Showing Errors and Warnings


Alex Nekrasov

Game and software developer with more than 15 years experience. Founder and CEO at Mariposa Studios, freelancer.

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